Q : Not passing SafteyNet.
A : Not sure what went wrong, you could flash SafteyNet Magisk module to fix it.

Q : How to use face unlock ?
A : Settings >lock > Smart Lock >Trusted Face > Register your face.....

Q : Support group ?
A : Telegram Group : InviteLink

Q : Channel News ?
A : InviteLink

Q : Why Volte/Wifi Calling are not working ?
A : If you were using OMC then reflash the rom with all wipes and choose csc, Then flash newest csc package by tkkg and choose your country files.

Q : Super slow motion only works for 2 seconds.
A : Your lovely S7 hasn't got official support for SSM , so don't use it or wait our beloved company samsung to fix it.

Q : Why settings shows 3600mah i got s7 and my battery is 3000mah
A : Decompile FW-RES and edit it there. it's just a TEXT !!!!!


Q : Pie apps fc, can't install Fix
A : They are system apps you need to push them into system, Be noticed any bug reports with pie apps installed i will ignore the report.

Q : Face Lock is fc
A : S7 dont support face lock, you need to use google's face lock.

Q : Can i dirty flash over V5.5 OR N8 V2.0??
A : NO You can't its totally new base you need full wipe.

Q : Good lock app cant download apps
A : Enable market unlocker, clear recents apps and then try to download them.

Q : TWRP shows 0mb internal storage
A : You need to have tkkg twrp installed(only s7e) for now needs to have it installed.

Q : I can't set fp in my bank apps,magsik
A : Reboot phone and dont unlock it with fp, use patetrn or pin.

Q : Can't find screen record
A : Pull UI down, find screencapture toggle, press the text under it and voila

Q : How to use secure storage / SamsungPAY
A : If you are here you should know already, once you trip knox you cant, forever.

Q : Why my battery life is poor ?
A : Probably your battery is very old, Check wake locks or change the kernel.

Q : I can't fine messages app in launcher
A : Update the apps from samsung store and google play.

Q : There are a lot of missing Samsung apps
A : These apps are removed by Samsung because they are downloadable from play store or Samsung store.

Q : Rom is very very laggy
A : You must reboot the phone twice so the lag can be gone totally, its because dalvik cache
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